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Bexel Consulting is a modern, software development, construction and engineering consultancy company. With experience in developing advanced solution, based on BIM technology, our services have been applied to over four million square meters of complex projects, including infrastructure and metro projects, luxury hotels, residential and commercial blocks, medical, scientific and corporate centers, sports stadiums, industrial projects.

Our vision is fully integrated project life-cycle - starting from design, QC and coordination, through project planning, budgeting, faster what-if analysis, precise monitoring of construction progress with supporting analysis and look-ahead planning, up to commissioning and handover, planning and monitoring of facility management, all within one integrated BIM platform, which represents one of our main advantages. As we are committed to continuous development and improvement of innovative solutions and processes, Bexel Consulting is a member of many professional organizations, such as buildingSMART International and buildingSMART Germany Chapter, siBIM, BIM Srbija etc.

Bexel Manager is an innovative BIM software platform for management of construction projects that integrates most important 3D/4D/5D/6D uses of BIM technology. It enables quick integration of multiple IFC models into the federated BIM model and supports collaboration with other BIM tools through the BCF standard. Bexel Manager allows production of various BIM analyses and results such as clash detection, quantity takeoff, assigning cost data on BIM model elements and generation of bill of quantities, 4D and 5D schedule planning, construction simulations and cash flow analyses, and asset management planning and monitoring. Its integrated approach allows users quick and comprehensive implementation of BIM construction management processes on any size project, ensuring full control of project processes, and supporting quality decisions.

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PUTINVEST is a private company for studies, road design and engineering, established in 2003. Our company is recognized in the market as a responsible and professional partner in many complex projects related to road infrastructure, urban streets and landscaping.

We prepare technical documentation for all types of traffic surfaces with related infrastructure; technical control of technical documentation; preparation of studies and designs for traffic signage; surveying as a preliminary step for designing; and consulting services, such as project management, supervision, contract management, technical inspection of executed works, etc.

Putinvest meets all legally stipulated conditions for all afore-mentioned activities and is also registered in the Register of Bidders for public procurements in the Republic of Serbia.

The company holds licenses P131G2 and P131S1 granted by the Ministry of Construction, Transportation and Infrastructure of the Republic of Serbia. According to the current Law on Planning and Construction of the Republic of Serbia, these licenses are mandatory for preparation of designs for roads, traffic and traffic signage for state roads of the first and second order, connections to those roads, road structures, and border crossings.

In addition to these licenses, Putinvest holds a license granted by the Republic Geodetic Authority of the Republic of Serbia. This license gives Putinvest the authority to conduct surveying according to Art. 12, Law on State Surveys and Cadaster.

These licenses are granted under conditions specified in the law, which implies, first of all, highly competent staff.


We help our clients keep high standards of quality, environmental protection and occupational safety throughout the project life cycle.

It is very important to us to provide services of high quality to our clients. That our clients know that we act responsibly in all domains of our business, take care of our staff members, foster environmental awareness, care for society and sustainable development, and that we are part of the global community driven by internationally accepted principles and values.

For this reason, we implemented the integrated management system consisting of three main standards.

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management system
  • OHSAS 18001:2008 Occupational health and safety management system

In line with certification, the entire business is run in an organized manner, documented properly, with clearly defined responsibilities. This helps us to manage all projects in a systematic way and to implement them on time, according to the pre-defined schedules. Our work flow is under constant improvement, which also implies continuous professional development of our employees, equipment upgrades, and keeping up with new developments and trends on a global scale.

Our entire organization is oriented toward sustainable development, with a special focus on environmental protection. Wherever legally permissible and feasible, we apply eco-friendly methods of work, in order to increase the ratio of renewable resources in our consumption and reduce our environmental footprint.

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TeamCAD is a consulting company that implements Autodesk CAD, BIM, GIS, Data Management, Plant 3D software solutions with permanent consulting and education. Besides, the company does Virtual Reality animations and architectural visualization. TeamCAD is an Autodesk Gold Partner, Autodesk Training and Certification Center, Chaos Group Training and Certification Center, Chaos Group partner; Transoft Solutions, Unity Technologies, CAD Studio PlantTools, Bexel Consulting and Adobe reseller.

TeamCAD is the best Autodesk partner in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa). Autodesk awarded him the "One Team Award 2019" at his annual OTx EMEA conference for outstanding cooperation on the implementation project of Autodesk software solutions for design, and product data management (PDM) at NIS Scientific Technology Center - Naftagas.



Baldinistudio d.o.o. is authorized reseller of Nemetschek company for AEC industry in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro. Beside reselling, one of the main activities is providing education and implementation of BIM workflow in construction and architectural companies. The company specializes in reselling and providing software education for:

  • Allplan Architecture,
  • Allplan Engineering,
  • Precast,
  • Lumion,
  • AX3000,
  • Bluebeam Revu,
  • SCIA.

In 15 years Baldinistudio has grown into a company whose quality has been recognized in all parts of the region. Being aware that its main advantages are the knowledge and skills of it's employees, Baldinistudio strives each year to progress and provide its users with full support in implementing BIM workflow. Following the trends and needs of the users, Baldinistudio emphasizes students and future young engineers by providing them with free education and donating free licenses to faculties and educational institutions.


Enabling quality and complete implementation of BIM workflow for all AEC participants by selling BIM software, comprehensive training and ongoing support for all active software users.


Investing in our knowledge and developing competitiveness, our goal is to become a leading regional reselling and educational company for BIM workflow in AEC industry. |



hiCAD is engaged in BIM technology in this region since 1995. We are the general distributor of ARCHICAD, a world leader in BIM technology for over 30 years, as well as other BIM software solutions used in all branches and stages of the AEC industry.

We offer:

  • implementation of BIM software solutions to the workflow
  • user training
  • technical customer support
  • publishing of literature in Serbian language
  • BIM management
  • BIM consulting services
  • developing software add-ons and library GDL elements for ARCHICAD
  • development of special BIM software solutions, databases and procedures for specific client needs
  • external cooperation in the development of BIM projects
  • the sale of BIM software

As a general distributor, we offer the following BIM software solutions:

  • ARCHICAD –BIM Architectural Design Software developer, GRAPHISOFT: FREE download and EDU versions:,
  • ARTLANTIS – Photorealistic visualization software
  • Twinmotion – Photorealistic visualization software
  • AxisVM – BIM software for the structural design and calculation
  • DDS-CAD – BIM software for the design and calculation of installations in buildings
  • STR Vision CPM – BIM construction project management software
  • EPTAR – BIM Add-on for ARCHICAD
  • Cigraph – BIM Add-on for ARCHICAD
  • ArchiFM – BIM building maintenance solution

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hiCAD d.o.o.

Tel: +381 21 63 68 499; +381 63 54 33 78






CGS Labs is a company that deals with the creation, development and implementation of software solutions in AEC sector and ITS systems in the field of infrastructure. The company operates and serves its customers around the world, so that software solutions as their own products of CGS Labs are actively used in 34 countries of the world, and are translated and localized in 13 languages. This also implies localization and adaptability for the domestic market.

With CAD technologies, consulting approach and education related to the introduction of BIM technologies and the approach to digitalization in the construction sector is something that sets us apart because our experience in development, implementation and consulting dates back to 1990 when our first software solutions for design in infrastructure were created. Permanent software development has led the software to conform to the BIM methodology.

In the portfolio of our products are software solutions for:

  • design and reconstruction of road infrastructure (Plateia),
  • design and reconstruction of the railway infrastructure (Ferrovia),
  • channel and river engineering design (Aquaterra,)
  • design of overhead lines (Electra).

In addition, there is also a developed ITS system for tracking and forecasting meteorological conditions on the road, implemented for all state roads in Slovenia.

Our company is present in Slovenia, Serbia, Germany and USA, and in other markets we operate through our partners.

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The company Pizzarotti Millennium d.o.o. was founded on December 13, 2018. with registered address in Kraljice Natalije 11, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia. Members (founders) of the company are:

  • Pizzarotti SA from Lugano, Switzerland, Via Maggio 1, 6900 Lugano with 96% of the company's share capital, as well as
  • Millennium Team d.o.o. from Belgrade, Vojvode Stepe 390 with a 4% of the company's share capital.

The registered main activity of the company is 41.20 - Construction of residential and non-residential buildings. Pizzarotti Millennium is a member of the Pizzarotti Group operating in the construction sector and is engaged in large-scale infrastructure projects around the world.

The company was founded for the needs of the construction of the Kula Beograd. Kula Beograd is the central part of the construction project "Belgrade Waterfront".

In January 2019, Pizzarotti Millennium signed a contract with BW Kula d.o.o. on the construction of the Kula Beograd (Construction of Plot 19.1 - The St. Regis Belgrade and the Residences at the St. Regis Belgrade). The company is currently engaged in the phase of site preparation (earthworks, drainage works, etc.) in order to carry out the construction work.

The estimated time for completion of the construction of the Belgrade Tower is 2021.

Pizzarotti Millennium d.o.o.

Registration No: 21440639, TIN No: 111199918

Kraljice Natalije No. 11

11000 Belgrade, Republic of Serbia

Telephone number: +381 (0)11 4418-820



NS Drafter

NS Drafter is a company established in June 2018 in Novi Sad, which works on the development of technical documentation and 3D models of reinforcement as well as 3D BIM. With the help of tools like AutoCAD, ArmCAD, Revit and Allplan, over 3250 precast concrete elements and over 250,000 square meters of monolithic structures have been finished in just over a year.

In addition to the domestic market, NS Drafter provides services to clients from Central Europe (Germany and Austria), the Baltic States and Scandinavia and is currently negotiating projects in Australia.

Our mission and vision are to improve and accelerate the way technical documentation and reinforcement modeling is done, through quality control, new technologies and good communication with our customers, and thereby become leaders in the region in this industry.

Web address:

NS Drafter DCE d.o.o.

Registration No: 21484407 , TIN No: 111450965

Bulevar Patrijarha Pavla No 36

21000 Novi Sad, Srbija




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The University of Belgrade Faculty of Civil Engineering is the oldest and largest educational and scientific institution in the field of civil engineering and geodesy in Serbia and territory of former Yugoslavia. The School of Engineering, a predecessor of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, is founded in 1846. The Faculty gained its independence in 1948, by exemption from the University of Belgrade and turning into Technical Higher School.

Until 2018, over 13500 students have graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering with bachelor degrees, 553 students with master degrees and 350 with doctoral degrees. The faculty has contributed to the society by providing 16 full and six corresponding members of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and other renowned Serbian societies. The faculty also provided two rectors of the Lyceum, four rectors of the Higher School and two rectors of the University of Belgrade.

Nurturing the spirit of the long scientific and educational tradition, the Faculty of Civil Engineering participates in several research projects about the digitalization in construction. Furthermore, the faculty started one of the first academic courses on BIM technology in Balkans.

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World of BIM


World of BIM is a company with a clear goal of being part of today’s modernization of the construction industry by showing our clients the full potential that BIM can offer with focus on better transparency, time & cost efficiency, and an overall improved quality of a project.

We are determined to present to the market all the advantages and benefits that BIM can bring to your project by developing, delivering and utilizing rich data models.

We have done projects for the domestic market, as well as for Russia and Middle East.

Our company is based in Belgrade, Serbia founded in March of 2019.

Web address: | Contact:

World of BIM d.o.o.

Registration No: 21461547, TIN No: 111319951

Kumanovska 15, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Phone: +381 69 11 55 888

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